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Socamont Industries official brochure.


Socamont Industries, your business partner.

Socamont headquarter, Laval (France)

For 40 years, SOCAMONT Industries has been building solutions for high-performance networks.


Our research and development department is constantly looking for . the most advanced techniques in order to offer to the market the best innovative solutions at the best cost.

Parisian showroom, Créteil

Socamont Industries welcomes you in its Parisian showroom, 101 rue de la Bongarde in Gennevilliers (92) or in its workshops, at the headquarters in Laval (53).


Socamont Industries has a know-how and a high level expertise in the activities of :

- Manufacturer : Creator, designer, manufacturer of copper and optical fibre components for LAN-MAN-WAN (Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network, Wide Area Network) and for UPS systems (Online, Line interactive).

- Cabling specialist : Auto-strip connection, wrapping, welding.

- Integrator for all types of electronic solutions (copper and optical fibre) in cabinets and racks.

- Electronic specialized logistician : management of products entry/exit, minimum in stock, supplies, storage , shipments, product failure diagnostics, repair and management of the manufacturers’ after-sales service relationships.


Socamont Industries delivers to more than 2000 customers every year and exports its solutions directly and indirectly worldwide.

Platine Réseaux® : high quality and low prices for your network!

RoHS compliant

RoHS compliant

Delta : copper solutions Certificates

Delta : copper solutions Certificates

APAVE : Fibre optic Solutions Certificates

APAVE : Fibre optic Solutions Certificates

PRE-terminated assemblies.

Preconnect Optical pre-terminated assemblies OS1-2  OM1   OM2   OM3   OM4 

Optical pre-terminated assemblies tests
Optical pre-terminated assemblies tests
Optical pre-terminated assemblies
Optical pre-terminated assemblies

Preconnected fibre is the best way to obtain high-quality optical assemblies. This factory method avoids the risk of contamination in the field, provides the expertise of optical connection and saves considerable time to the user.

Optical patchcords and trunks are built according to the customer’s specifications and are delivered tested and labelled.

Preconnect Copper pre-terminated assemblies CAT 6 CAT 6A CAT 7A

Preconnect copper Crown-90m

Préconnected copper is an ideal solution for networks deployment. Fast and economical, this process allows getting high quality results thanks to outstanding performances from the Platine Réseaux® Cat 6, Cat 6A and Cat 7A cables (1x4 and 2x4 couple) and One Inch RJ45 Coccinelle One Pouce® connectors, the smallest connector on the market.

Préconnected links are certified DELTA and every link used for our installations are tested and labelled.

Preconnect copper Crown-90m

With this process, the customer increases their production capacity and generates financial earnings more important than a classic deployment on field.

Intergrated cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets.

Intergrated cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets

SOCAMONT is one of the few stakeholders fully recognized for industrial cabinets integration in factories.

Integration costs and manufacturing quality in factory are not comparable with integration solutions in the field.

Systems integrations are particularly complex and need a strong experience in networking solutions from the conception to the manufacturing. Thus, SOCAMONT is NATO certified under the N° FAN 98. This certification attests the recognition and the professionalism of SOCAMONT as an integrator for the most challenging defense customers in Europe !

European defense services, suppliers, engineering companies specialized in telecommunications and of course IT and telecom companies use SOCAMONT services to integrate their server cabinets.

Save time

Save money


Ready to use

Networking and distribution racks and cabinets.

Networking and distribution racks and cabinets

PLATINE RÉSEAUX® Management solutions : Cost effective networking and distribution racks and cabinets :

- Load capability : from 30Kg to 800Kg.

- Height : from 4U to 47U.

- Width : 520mm / 600mm / 800mm.

- Depth : 450mm / 600mm / 800mm / 1000mm / 1200mm.

Our racks and cabinets are certified ROHs by SGS and are guaranteed for 2 years.

certified and guarantee

Copper Solutions.

Copper Solutions

PLATINE RÉSEAUX®, a wide range of products to offer a complete solution for your copper networks.

- RJ45 Keystone Jack COCCINELLE ONE POUCE® (the smallest RJ45 keystone jack on the market).

- High performance copper cables PLATINE RÉSEAUX®.

- Preconnected Assemblies.

- Keystone 19” Patch panels and other management solutions.

- Faceplates

- Certified copper patchcords PLATINE RÉSEAUX®.

Optical Fibre Solutions.

Optical Fibre Solutions

PLATINE RÉSEAUX OPTIQUE®, he best solution for Fibre Optic Networks :

- High performance optical cables.

- Optical assemblies : trunks, patchcords and pigtails.

- Optical patch panels.

- Connectors and adaptors.

- FTTx solutions.

- Test and measurement products.

UPS line interactive and online.

UPS line interactive and online

- Line Interactive Desk UPS :

600 VA et 800 VA.

- Line Interactive Rack UPS :

650 VA à 2000 VA.

- Online Rackmout / Tower UPS :

1 kVA à 6 kVA.

- Online Tower UPS :

10 kVA et 20 kVA.

- Online Three phase Cabinets UPS :

20 kVA à 80 kVA.

VDI certified

- Optimised signal.

- Low Price.

- Compliant with :

NF C 15-100,

EN 50091-1,

EN 50091-2.

PDU : Power Distribution Unit.

PDU : Power Distribution Unit

PDU Socket strips remotely manageable are precious auxiliaries for monitoring. Hereafter there is continuous supervision, with our Platine Réseaux® PDU managing necessary alerts in order to warn the technician of encountered anomalies.

The remote control allows to monitor :

- the temperature inside the server cabinets,

- humidity or water damage risks

- fire damage risks or smoke development,

- the opening of the cabinets,

- and of course the energy usage : you are saving money and you will be environmentally friendly.

Residential and commercial networks.

Residential and commercial networks

PLATINE RÉSEAUX® residential multimedia networks are aimed at dealing VDI(Voice - Data - Image) information from the Hertzian and satellite sources for television, and the Internet. Moreover, they can deal with intern sources.

Platine Réseaux® offers you the pre-equipped residential solution with its 2 wall-mounted cabinets (ref : 36000 and 36002) which fit to a majority of usual settings, and the fully flexible residential solution which allows you to set up by yourself your multimedias wall-mounted cabinets.

SOCAMONT Industries offers you also a whole range of FTTx products (Fibre To The x) for the optical fibre.

To resume Socamont Industries.

French Manufacturer

French Manufacturer

SOCAMONT Industries welcomes you in its Parisian showroom, 101 rue de la Bongarde, Gennevilliers (92) or in its workshops, at the headquarters in Laval (53).

Low prices

Low prices

Our primary goal is to offer to our customers the best technical solutions with the best value for money.

Quality and efficiency

Quality and efficiency

SOCAMONT Industries offers a wide range of high quality products, certified, patented and tested. You are sure to get a top quality product with the best price and a high quality service. We can provide patents, warranties and accreditations.



Our warehouse is a 6000 m² logistics platform and allows us to be reactive in terms of delivery. Moreover, our distributor network allows our customers to always find a delivery solution at proximity.

Technical trainings

technical trainings

Training days about optical fibre and copper networks are organised throughout the year. It consists of a theoretical part and a practical segments in order to implement the skills required. At the end of training, you will receive a skills certificate.

Technical support

technical support

Our technical sales team is here to help you. Continously trained in newest techniques, our team will be happy to answer to any questions you may have and advise you as required. Send your requests for quotation directly to your dedicated team who will be glad to support you on your upcoming projects.



SOCAMONT delivers more than 2000 customers every year and exports directly and indirectly its solutions worldwide.

For further information, please contact our export sales team.

Sustainable development

sustainable development

We are a member of Comité 21, main stakeholder in sustainable development.

This network conducts various thematic working groups, training sessions, offers technical and methodological tools for its members, broadcasts information and values good initiatives.

It allows us to constantly stay aware of the different methods to reduce the impact of business on the planet and promote a responsible behaviour at every step of our activities.

Web site Socamont


A merchant website where you will find :

- Products that can be ordered online.

- Catalogues.

- Datasheets.

- User instructions manuals.

- Warranties and accreditations.

- Newsletters.

- Promotions.

- Videos & 3D 360° animations.


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